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My name is Michaela and I provide highly professional foot care service and Clinical Reflexology at Natural Therapy Clinic in Moreton in Marsh. I am also offering private treatment in the comfort of your own home where safety, hygiene and confidentiality are paramount on request, and I am qualified Foot Health Professional (S.A.C Dip.RFHP). I am fully insured and DBS checked and am registered with FootReg.

I came to England 20 years ago from Czech Republic with my best friend . We used to ride race horses together, I was professional flat jockey before I decided to retire and train as a Foot Health Professional. I have a lovely partner and 8 years old boy Ruben, who makes me proud every day.

I love bicycling, swimming, mountain hiking and being in nature. My favourite place is Evenlode, little village where we live and we can relax when we come home in the evening, surrounded by birds and tress.

I treat lovely clients every day, who keep recommending me, and I am incredibly grateful.

Did you know that in a life time, the average human will walk the equivalent distance of five times around the world! Human foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and tendons. The 52 bones in your feet make up about 25 percent of all the bones in your body. However sadly, our feet are the most neglected part of our bodies and many take them for granted. Our feet play a crucial role in positive mental health and well-being yet often don’t get the attention they deserve.

When you take a step, the foot is the first part of the body to touch the ground. So it is wise to seek relief from the affects of foot pain, including hard skin, verruca's, ingrown toenails and corns that develop over time.

From natural wear and tear or due to purchasing and wearing ill-fitting shoes over a prolonged period, almost everyone will need my help, from the elderly but also including young people. I treat a broad cross section of age groups, who I am equally expert in helping.

Qualified Foot Health Practitioner

As a Foot Health Practitioner I focus on the lower limbs and feet with minor ailments recognized and treated. The work of the Foot Health Practitioner (FHP) is non-invasive. External minor surgery without injected analgesia for the treatment of ingrowing toenails or corn removal is typical of the procedures I carry out.

Assessment of the structure and condition of the lower limb and foot, all of which fall within my ability and remit of being a Foot Health Practitioner. Thus the work carried out by an FHP far exceeds the abilities of those trained simply to provide a nail-cutting service.

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